List of useful plugins for WordPress

List of useful plugins for WordPress

Ok, it’s not much of a list yet, but it will grow

Bulk edit image alt tag, caption & description – WordPress Media Library Helper by Codexin

By Codexin Technologies


If you have a large number of images in your WordPress media library and are concerned about updating their ALT tags, captions, descriptions or titles, worry no more. This plugin allows you to easily modify, delete, or update these elements with just a few clicks directly from the media library page in your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin is the perfect solution to update metadata for multiple images without visiting each edit page. Accessing the WordPress media library page lets you easily view the existing images’ alt tags, captions, descriptions and titles. The plugin also identifies the images without an assigned ALT tag, caption, or description, enabling you to update them quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

On-page SEO is crucial in boosting your website’s SEO score, and assigning proper image ALT tags to every image on your website is critical. With the help of this plugin, you can quickly identify images with empty or blank ALT tags, blank captions or descriptions in your media library and update them to enhance your SEO score.

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