10 WordPress Influencers to Follow in 2024  

Top WordPress Influencers

In this “Build and Beyond” video, Jamie Marsland highlights 10 WordPressers to keep an eye on in 2024. 

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a list of 15 WordPress developers you should follow to stay on top of WordPress development news and tips. This video broadens the scope and features folks worth following, regardless of your role or experience with WordPress. If you’re at all interested in or curious about WordPress, these are folks to pay attention to.

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Remkus de Vries

Remkus is a well-known figure in the WordPress community, recognized for his contributions to WordPress development and his overall expertise in web technology.

Website | YouTube

Kevin Geary

Kevin helps digital agency owners, freelancers, and web designers to learn best practices for UX/UI design, development, and CSS.

Website | YouTube

Tyler Moore

Tyler has free video lessons on YouTube that teach people how to create their own professional website without any coding experience.

Website | YouTube

Sabrina Zeidan

Sabrina is a WordPress performance engineer, who’s daily work is to speed up WordPress websites, plugins, and themes.


Mike McAlister

Mike is a designer and principal software engineer from the USA. He builds killer products and brands that people love, including the fantastic Ollie WordPress theme.

Website | X (Twitter)

Jonathan Jernigan

Jonathan runs a small web development agency, creates courses, and makes YouTube videos. He started is WordPress-focused YouTube channel in late 2018.

Website | YouTube

Birgit Pauli-Haack

Birgit works as developer advocate for WordPress, curates community voices on Gutenberg Times, and co-hosts the Gutenberg Changelog podcast.

Website | X (Twitter)

David McCan

For the past 20 years David has worked professionally developing websites and in IT management.

Website | Facebook

Paul Charlton

Paul has over 15 years of commercial web design and development experience working on a large range of diverse projects, with clients ranging from start-ups to blue-chip companies.

Website | YouTube

Matt Medeiros

The WP Minute, founded by Matt, is a website dedicated to delivering the most important news and topics from the WordPress ecosystem, keeping WordPress professionals informed, educated, and entertained.

Website | Podcast

Imran Sadiq

Imran has 17+ years of web design and marketing experience. His YouTube channel has over 55k YouTube subscribers.

Website | YouTube

Rich Tabor

Rich describes himself as a multidisciplinary maker specializing in the intersection of product, design, and engineering.

Website | X (Twitter)

Jamie Marsland

Jamie has trained over 5,000 people on WordPress in the past 10 years, and he also makes WordPress plugins. His YouTube channel is dedicated to helping people with WordPress Blocks.

Website | YouTube

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