Font Freedom: Unleash Creative Typography on Your Site

A website speaks to its visitors not only through its content and imagery, but also with its typography. A carefully selected font can set the site’s tone, convey emotion, and leave a lasting impression. 

With the new Font Library on, you can now upload custom typography without the hassle of coding or the limitations of plugins. It’s not just about choosing fonts; it’s about effortlessly crafting an experience for your visitors. 

Available on sites with the Creator or Entrepreneur plan, the Font Library allows you to manage your site’s typography in one place. Installing, removing, and activating or deactivating fonts across your entire site is a breeze. 

To access the Font Library, head to the Site Editor and open the “Styles” side panel. Once there, select “Typography” and select the settings icon next to the “Fonts” heading.

Once in the Font Library, you will see the list of available fonts for your site: those that come with your theme, as well as any custom fonts you have installed. 

There are two ways to install fonts: 

Manually upload the font files from the “Upload” tab

Connect to Google Fonts on the “Install Fonts” tab, then download any selected fonts to your site

In addition to this high-level customization, the Font Library also provides granular control of the font weights that you’d like to enable, minimizing the effects on site speed because it’s only what you need that’s being loaded. 

Level up your site by adding that extra touch of typography personality by using the Font Library, no code or plugins needed. To learn more, check out the support article

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